Sometime ago, somebody said that to me. And however much I deny it, it is resonating in my mind and I can’t get over it. I don’t know if it was the person who said it that matters, or was it the words itself. I am guessing it’s the second, because I’ve had this small desire that somebody quotes or writes poetry for me, or someone says the exact words, “you’re beautiful.”, to me.

I never thought anyone would say that, because I personally feel I am far from it. And it is not looks I am talking about. If this person said it to me in that context, well, then it’s really sweet but not so amazing.


That is what I call beautiful.

‘Beautiful’ is what brings that soft, sweet ache in the heart. It’s something that leaves you wordless. It brings a strange joy and makes you smile a rare smile. The one that radiates pure pleasure.

It’s something you can comprehend yet marvel at. Beautiful is like fluid, sparkly, shiny poetry (if you get what I mean?)

So if you are reading this, and if I have ever called you beautiful – this is what I meant.

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