So, may I introduce myself?

I’m a 17-year-old girl. And if you are wondering what the heck am I doing here when I should be studying for the last year  of school, well, that’s exactly what I thought too.

But I’m sure, it’s going to help me find the pieces of me I’ve scattered everywhere.

My blog is essentially going to be my thoughts and words and my exploration of life as I have it today. Just to warn you, I’m all messed and screwed and haywire up there. I might not make sense and I ramble a lot.

I get obsessed and de-obsessed with things quite fast. But there are a few constant ones. The first being poetry. I’ve been writing since I was, like, eight or nine and its a huge chunk of what I am today. Also, I love to sketch, draw, doodle – anything to do with paper and ink. I’m sickeningly, hopelessly poetic and philosophical. I’m in a habit of romanticizing and symbolizing everything.

Books. BOOKS. There is frankly nothing more that instantly excites me. I part of me was born and lives in books. I am a Potterhead!! Percy Jackson. Heroes of Olympus. TFIOS. Shakespeare. Dan Brown. Ashwin Sanghi.  I can go on and on….

I would get excited if you’d mention Hawking, or quarks or tachyons… astrophysics or particle physics. I love geeky people and geeky things. An I think people who don’t study biology miss a lot in life.

Music is something I can’t do without, whether I sing or listen. Classical dancing is an old and continuing interest, too. And I have a strange gravity for cats, eyes, brick walls, windows, gloomy and dark places, also sunlight filtering through gaps, anything tiny enough to go unnoticed, squirrels, eagles, parchment, libraries, wood, french windows, bean bags, the color red, tombs and graveyards, STARS, corners, spectacles, silver, amethysts, leather-bound books, quills, anything antique….again, I could go on and on.

I’m extremely random. I have millions of tabs open in brain at a time. I multitask a lot. And I even mess up a lot.

People have called me weird, crazy, funny, dumb (-.-), cute, active, bubbly, cheerful. And at the same time, I have been called thoughtful,quiet, depressing, gloomy, pessimistic, stubborn. I’m caught between these two polar personalities of me and I don’t know which one is me. Though, I guess, I am both.


I have had my share of crap to deal with in life. I have made mistakes and learnt. I have cried and moved on. I have faced my weaknesses and grown stronger.

But I have a mysterious, complicated and crazy human brain that I still have to comprehend. I have unanswered questions, half-understood thoughts, misconceptions and confusion.

I still have an unexplored abyss of flaws in me. 

And through this blog, I intend to discover myself and life.

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